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The innovative, simple system to control loose line and shooting line during fly fishing.

Flexi-Stripper is a world wide novelty, which I invented 2
years ago and which I have developed further since.
Originally developed for using shooting heads, it has also
proved to be useful while fishing with WF and DT types of
fly lines, neutralising some of the negative effects created
either by vegetation or the surface tension of the water in
regard to shooting the line freely.

This totally new, revolutionary “stripping basket”, allows you to achieve longer casts with less effort. You use less time and energy on tiring blind casting and you therefore have more time to fish effectively.
The unique, flexible spikes of the Flexi-Stripper are of such design, that they are stiff enough to keep the loose coils of the shooting line in order, but yet flexible enough not to interfere with the smoothly releasing of the many loose coils of the shooting line during a new cast.


Light weight.

Extremely user friendly.

Takes care of your fly lines.

Allows you to fish standing or kneeling.

Easily adjusted to different depths of wading.

Comfortable to wear due to its design and the enclosed elastic belt with saltwater resistant plastic buckle.

Does not block your view during wading.

Very suitable for travelling, since the spikes of Flexi-Stripper are removable, so they will not be deformed, while the Flexi-Stripper is stuffed away in your suitcase or travel bag.

Area of use

Perfect for saltwater fishing.

Perfect for lake and reservoir fishing.

Perfect for fishing larger streams, which demand wading.

Perfect for fishing streams, since the nuisance of vegetation catching your loose line during fishing is considerably reduced.

Perfect for steelhead and salmon fishing.

User Manual for the Flexi-Stripper
Flexi-Stripper is easy to use, and you will soon find the way to place and use it, that suites you the best. Still, I want to mention a few points for helping you to achieve the maximum benefit of using your Flexi-Stripper straight away.

For a right handed caster the most natural placement of Flexi-Stripper will be on the left side, from about the navel towards the left, and for a left handed caster from about the navel towards the right.
Under normal conditions the belt is carried around the hip, when wading deep under special conditions, the belt is just moved upwards until the Flexi-Stripper is above the water surface.

Most fisherman strip in the line by making a downwards slanting movement with the hand. This movement is mainly made by the forearm.
I recommend a movement made mainly by the upper arm, allowing the hand holding the line to move almost horizontally to the side in a slightly backwards direction. This way of stripping may feel a little strange in the beginning, but you will soon get accustomed to it.
When the hand is placed over the flexible spikes, just let go of the retrieved line – followed by the next strip. This allows for strips about 20 inches, if you prefer longer or shorter stripping, just move the hand holding the rod closer or further away from your Flexi-Stripper.
It does not matter if the loose coils of line stripped in and placed on the flexible spikes hang out and down from the edge of the Flexi-Stripper-plate.

Click on one of the links below to watch a videosequence of the F-S in use.

F-S, stripping the line and shooting the line:

AVI-file (Windows Media Player)

MOV-files (Apple QuickTime)

MP4-files (Miscallanious software)

When you start retrieving the line after an accomplished forward cast, the line from your first stripping in, should be dropped in front of you outside the Flexi-Stripper-plate. Then, on your subsequent stripping, starting with the second strip, you begin placing the retrieved line on the plate with the flexible spikes of your Flexi-Stripper. This is to ensure enough loose line to be able to lift your rod for the back cast, without influencing the loose coils stored on the Flexi-Stripper. Failing to do this, might influence the smooth release of your shooting line.

Bjarne Fries

To protect the flexible spikes of FLEXI-STRIPPER against deformation during shipment, FLEXI-STRIPPER is delivered in the following 3 parts, easily assembled in a few minutes:

2. 25 flexible spikes.
3. One elastic belt.

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