rod actions

All my rods can be divided into 4 kinds of action:

1. deepworking semi parabolic (DSP)      

2. parabolic (P)      

3. new semi parabolic (NSP)      

4. progressive semi parabolic (PSP)      

I use these types of actions because they all make use of the whole length of the rod during casting and fighting. This is a good way to ensure longevity of a rod as well as allowing great ease during casting.

I am no friend of the so called tip action rods, where only a small part of the rod does all the work. For an untrained fisher these rods feel good in the beginning because they produce a tight casting loop almost automatically, but since you have to move about 2/3 of almost inactive rod (it only helps you to keep the line higher in the air) through the air with each false cast, you soon get tired as well as the small portion of the rod, that has to do all the work. One or two seasons later, even if you are still alive, the rod will be worn out!


1. Deepworking Semi Parabolic      
In a way one could say this is a restriction of the PSP action, since these rods are designed to react with the whole rod length even under a light load.
Why restrict the sound and proven principles of the PSP action one could ask. Because the DSP action gives you a new dimension to the term effortless casting and fishing.


2. Parabolic      
The parabolic action is a powerful action. Because of a steep taper in the
tip part of the rod and a stiff middle part combined with a flexible butt sec-
tion rods with a parabolic action work out of the grip. They transfer the
 energy to the line in a slow but very competent way, that I personally love
very much. Because of the steep taper of the tip they feel somewhat tip
heavy held stationary a feeling soon forgotten as one starts casting. Be-
cause of the extra material towards the tip, parabolic rods have excellent roll
casting abilities.


3. New Semi Parabolic      
This action I developed for my Katana series some 10 to 12 years ago. It
is a sort of amalgamation of a slightly tip orientated semi parabolic action
that gives you a narrow loop on short to medium long casts and a parabolic
action that provides the power for medium to long casts with great ease.
This rod action functions harmoniously as a whole unit despite the action mix.
It works like a dream and rods with this type of action are well suited for a
bamboo newcomer who wants to experience some of the merits of a cane rod.


4. Progressiv Semi Parabolic      
A Semi Parabolic action gives you a rod, that bends more towards the
tip than the grip when put under load. A progressive semi parabolic action
will do the same, but with the change of load from light towards heavy,
the rod will bend more down towards the grip. One could say, that the
more power is needed, the more of the rod works to produce it.