the antigravity series

This series of 8'6 rods, from the delicate #2-3 to the powerhouse of the #6-7,
I originally designed for those mostly fishing from the bank of the river. When
kneeling in high grass or otherwise needing to keep the line high while casting,
6 to 12 of extra length of the rod makes things a lot easier.

The models for #57 are designed to cast a rather long line, while the lighter
rods are designed more for delicacy.




Line No:

Weight (gr/oz)



The Antigravity 8'6" #2-3 90/3.2 P.S.P. Slow
The Antigravity 8'6" #3-4 95/3.4 P.S.P. Slow
The Antigravity 8'6" #4-5 107/3.8 P.S.P. Slow-Medium
The Antigravity 8'6" #5 110/3.9 P.S.P. Medium
The Antigravity 8'6" #5-6 122/4.3 P.S.P. Medium-Fast
The Antigravity 8'6" #6-7 128/4.5 P.S.P. Medium

* P.S.P. = Progressiv Semi Parabolic