recommended lines for our rods

Thanks to my friendship with The Cortland Company, I have
been able to test a wide selection of their lines during the
first half of the 2002 fishing season.
The purpose of this test was to find out which of their lines
suited my different rod models best.
During these test I have fallen in love with their Clear Creek
WF lines #2-5. These lines are very soft and supple, and this,
in connection with a long tip section, gives the lines a longer
hang in the air as well as a very delicate presentation. They
also seem to cut through the wind very well.
I love these lines and strongly recommend you to try one of
these lines with the more delicate of my rod models such as
The Noodle, Le Connoisseurs and all other models for line #2
or #3. Also The Mahagonny works beautifully  with this line

as well as The Pendular 934, The Antigravity up to line #4-5

and The Katanas for a # 4 line.
For distance casting I feel a stiffer line will work better for
most people. When, during my future testing, I find more
different types of lines especially suitable for my different rod
models, I will keep you informed.


Tight Lines, Bjarne Fries