tempo change

One of the great features of bamboo rods is their ability to be slowed down
or accelerated during casting. This ability I call tempo change.

For me, this is the most valuable feature, when it comes to dry fly presentation.
The tempo change of a well designed bamboo rod is unrivalled by any other rod,
and I feel sorry for all those fishermen who have never experienced this magic.
The 4 different types of rod action I use, all give you a rather wide spectrum of
tempo change, but there are differences.

An advice to guide you: 
The longer and slower the rod, the wider the spectrum of tempo change. The
shorter and faster the rod, the narrower the spectrum of tempo change. Here
too wide and narrow are relative, so rods listed under narrow spectrum have a
nice tempo change, but less than the other.

Rods with widest spectrum of tempo change:
The Pendular 8'6" and 9'3"
The Antigravity #2-3, #3-4
The Noodle
Le Connoisseur 7'6" and 7'9"

Rods with narrowest Spectrum of tempo change:
The Tight Loop
The Gusty

All other rod models fall somewhere in between these, but using the advice from
above you can easily find your way.